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Dog training that's fun and effective!

It's easy to train when you have a great relationship with your dog.  Learn games that teach great focus!

!Learn with fun and games
Dogs and humans are among the only species that play from infancy through old age. 
I use fun games to teach dogs the things people want their dogs to know.
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  1. All Dogs
    All dogs are trainable regardless of breed or age. I'll work with you to discover the way your dog learns best. All training is based on positive reinforcement and having fun.
  2. Obedience
    The most important cue to teach your dog is "Come." What else would you like you dog to learn? I'll help you define your goals as we teach "sit," "lie down," "stay," "leave it," "let go," loose lease walking, and anything else you'd like your dog to know.
  3. Agility
    Whether you just want to have fun or train for competition, agility teaches your dog many valuable skills. Not only will he learn to jump through hoops for you, he'll also learn impulse control, attention, and teamwork.
  4. Behavior Modification
    Is you dog fearful or shy? Reactive? Aggressive? Does he bark too much? Jump on visitors? Does your dog prefer "keep away" to coming when called? I have training games to address all these issues and more. Make an appointment today to learn the games that will help your dog be the best he can be!
Household Manners
Obedience and agility training!
  1. Try Agility!
    At your convenience!
    Here's your opportunity to try agility without having to sign up and commit to weeks of training. If you like it, you can always sign up for more! Just $20 to try your dog on each of the obstacles you've seen on television in the fun, fast-paced sport of dog agility. Please call for appointment.
  2. Private Lessons
    Whether you want to get your puppy off to the best possible start, whether you want to teach your naughty dog to COME when you call, whether you want to help your fearful or aggressive dog feel more comfortable and behave better, I can help. Book an evaluation today.