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Dog training that's fun and effective!
Melinda F Schneider, M.Ed.

A lifelong dog lover, I began obedience training at a young age with my family's poodle, Piaffe.  I loved the precision of competition obedience and didn't question the training methods of the day.

Later, when I began my introduction to agility, I learned that there are better ways to train the sensitive species we call our best friend.

I believe that dog training should be fun for dog and handler alike.  When training is fun, it's more likely to happen.  It's also more likely to succeed. 

Positive reinforcement works for all animals, even people!  Using positive reinforcement, you can modify any behavior.  Come learn fun ways to train and see just how great your best friend can be.  Let's play!  Let's train!

P.S.  With so many dogs in the world, and not enough homes for all, I am a strong proponent of shelters and rescue groups.  All of my animals have come to me via the rescue network.  If you are looking for your next dog, please visit

I've been in business since 2001
helping you help your pet be the best ever!

Please call!  413-443-1687
Want to teach you dog to greet visitors without jumping?

To walk nicely on leash without pulling or lagging?

To wait patiently while you're fixing and eating meals?

To not bark and lunge when other dogs are nearby?

To play agility?

To compete in  obedience, Rally-O, or agility?

I can help you
meet your goals.

While the dogs have been my best teachers, I've also learned from some of the best
dog trainers in the world.

Some of the trainers I've been lucky to learn from...

Anne Anderle (Agility, One Mind Dogs)
Sheila Booth (Puppy Raising)
Terri Cesarek (Agility)
Mary Champagne (Agility, One Mind Dogs)
Lisa Corbet (Pet Dog Manners)
Ian Dunbar (Concepts, Puppy Raising,
Manners, Reactive/Aggressive Dogs)
Stacey Goudy (Agility)
Debi Hutchinson (Agility, Distance Handling)
Lori Kline (Start Lines for Agility)
Stuart Mah (Agility)
Elise Paffrath (Agility)
Claudia Sala (Tricks, Pet Dog Manners)
Amanda Shyne (Agility)
Lynn Smitley (Agility, Distance Handling)
Trisha Stall (Agility)
Sharon Wachsler (Service Dog Training)
Ray Wheeler (Agility)

and others... (My apologies if I left you out.)