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Dog training that's fun and effective!
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I offer private lessons for behavior modification, household manners, obedience, agility, and more!

Once you've identified your area of interest, I'll do an assessment to learn about your dog, to identify strengths, skills, and how your dog is likely to learn best.  All my methods are science-based and take into account the emotions and strengths of each dog.
  1. Most aggression is based in fear.
    I identify the source of the fear and give you and your dog tools to help him or her feel more comfortable in the world and make better choices.
  2. Dogs need to learn the rules of human households.
    Does your dog jump on visitors? Steal food? Beg at the table? Dart out the door? Dogs need to learn better choices that will help them follow our rules and earn our approval. With knowledge and practice, your dog can learn to behave the way you like.
  1. Obedience is learning to attend to cued behaviors.
    Most of us would love our dogs to sit when ask, come when called, stay when cued. I'll give you the tools to teach whatever verbal or signal cues you want your dog to understand and obey.
  1. Private Agility Lessons
    Are you and your dog struggling with contacts, weave poles, handling moves? Book a private lesson at Fun With Fido and learn how magical the agility connection can be! 413-443-1687